Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Through the looking glass.

I've got all the things I need right here...

Summer lovin...

My little blue truck and the Green Couch off on an adventure to Fort Langley. A wonderful bunch of lads and ladies came along on our journey from a band called Portage and Main...

Slick hair and shades, the name of the game.

swaying along to folky rhythms in the tall grass out in an open space, some time to think on why we are here in this strange place...

From misty mountains to open fields, these travelin tunes will guide your way home.

Welcome to Kulth music festival...
funky tunes, smilin faces and wonderful people all groovin on the same level.

Michy of the Green Couch sessions makin a statement in yellow and stripes
atop Goats on the Roof In Coombs, BC.

Rainboots, key rainy festival attire.

Some more looks from the island festival bunch.

The pretty ladies from T. Nile, big hats and flowing patterns, me likey.

boots, boots, boots, hats and trinkets...

Runnin and Jumpin rain or shine.

All Original Photo's by Steph Janyk

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