Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm a Cat Person...

some fashionable girls at the Metric and Phantogram concert in Stanley Park. On top of their awesome looks they had some rad jewelry.

Saw this little lady on Davie street. Such a cute, simple, slouchy outfit with the perfect accessories.

Just Hangin out at the Astoria...
Legs and leather.

These are the mini's I met in the park we had intellectual discussions. The Cutest!

Phantogram and Metric - so awesome. Beautful ladies. Beautiful Music.

Want this girls outfit, Sucker for some shine.

Just some Mickey Mouse Sneakers. No big deal.

"2nd chance prom"

enjoyable characters, the one on the left reminds me of Bill Murray.
Sock Hop.

I went to the "2nd Chance Prom Party"
a birthday for a friend. some inspired outfits must say.
I would totally choose that outfit too, it's a little bit Jestons with A little bit of a New York downtown eastside feel too it.
Her Shoes above...ummm what a great vintage piece. They Kinda look like little fish. cute little patent leather and suede Fishy's.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sasquatch you've inspired

The really cool face paint/ warpaint really set the festival for me so many people decked out in it. Theres something about face paint that makes me happy maybe it's the kid in me but it's mostly because having face paint on or seeing someone with it always creates happy people.
So this was a little dance party with a DJ on the outskirts of the campsite, everyone dancin around in comfy clothes. I just loved this long patterned dress swaying through the mess of people flowing beautifully in the wind.
Oh this girl was so cool, I couldn't resist, my love for anything ghetto fab took over. The earrings really completed the look, nothing like a good heavy gold earring.
My friend decided to attach a dreamcatcher to her purse during the festival and I loved how it looked and I love the spiritual aspect that goes along with the item. I recently went to the aboriginal cultural centre in Whistler and was so taken away by all the handmade pieces, this was such a vibrant and colourful version and I felt that it represented such a large style movement happening throughout the festival.
One thing I really love about music festivals is it allows people to be crazy with their clothing, to dress far outside the box without the judgement that reality holds us to. For me it makes me look at my closet and go... "ok what little bit of crazy can I put into my outfit in my everyday life? how can I have more fun?"

So I saw a number of attempts with the suspenders and rolled up denim but these fellas completed the look some of the best. I liked how these looks are so similar in inspiration but two completely different outcomes. In the first picture I love the simplicity of the look and those glasses complete this whole thing for me, really showing a personality to a a repeated look throughout the festival. The second picture for me was really all about the little details, from the hair to the tie and shirt to the socks, he really paid attention to every aspect of the outfit and at a festival it's easy to leave those things that seem so minor behind. So thanks sir for the careful care.
Sasquatch really brought the belly top back, along with feather earrings and cowboy boots and of course more tassels, Such a great festival look.
Whistler ladies representing with some denim and feathers a huge theme at Sasquatch for sure. don't forget the war paint!
These ladies were rockin the home made tops. I particularly enjoy the wolf and tassels on the left. such a sucker for tassels.

I've always been inspired by comic books and the characters in them since I was a mini so I just had to take a picture of this girl in her tank.