Thursday, June 21, 2012

You Can Do Whatever You Like.

This post goes out to all the BFF's out there and my bestie, Devon Peck, co-creater of this blog and my most favourite person in this crazy world....
Here is Devo looking uber chic just after we went to the Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton exhibit at the Louvre in Paris, just one of the stops on our euro adventure. 

Babes in Paris.

All photos by Steph Janyk

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Calm Before the Storm.

Devon and I (Steph) have been Traveling lots in the recent past... New York in Feb, which I haven't even finished putting photos up from. We also both spent some time apart and together in Europe. Finishing our summer adventures by shakin it in style at Sasquatch music festival!!
Devon shared a taste of London recently but there is much more to come. For now, while we are gettin some pics in order so we can share our cross boarder adventures with you, here are some thoughts on red and pink and collars and life....  

F*#k fly, I am fashion...
And other stories of stylish friends.
Jilly killin the short necklace tucked into the collar look that I'm
Lovin right now. 

Crop it. Layer it. Put a high waist on it
crop top: Top Shop, pants: BDG from Urban outfitters, long sleeve layer: H&M, top layer: Talula 

A love affair with plaid.


Greencouch session trend spotting

All photos by Steph Janyk