Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pretty much really cute!

I used my smarts and got these two beautiful peoples names, wrote them on my wrist. Well no one told me these would wash off in the near future...oh well ya live ya learn. 
This lady was awesome! from the UK smashing style especially the shoes!
Love the tiger shirt!
Love this kid! misplaced a pic of him and then fate had us meet again so I could capture his look once again...Elliott you rock!


Ross Birdwise. new artist friend, google him he is pretty sweet...

Anything studded or leather makes me happy and these boys hit the mark on both accounts in my books.
Love these shoes. Am all about the jazz man/ bowling shoes!

 I like people who have hope.

Just watched half of the Marc jacobs documentary on Youtube. 
am now even more in love. Enjoy, my ode to Marc.