Monday, December 26, 2011

2011. Memories. Part One.

Under The World of Sound. It's a Quiet Heart, It's a Quiet Heart.

The rad chick from Woolworm. Killer moves, killer style.

Black jumpers and broomsticks.


Sweet white shirts and cut-off denim.
The ladies of the Belle Game make me miss summer.

.Key Pieces.

Sounds of style.

I saw you turn away...

Lesson plan.
And fur

Moody blues and midnight hues.

Your light shines bright.
Don't forget.

All photos by Steph Janyk

Monday, November 7, 2011

Warm in the WInter.

Finally got myself together enough to bring my, six plus, pairs of shoes in to get fixed. I had been directed to take my precious pieces to Both Feet on Main Street, they sure did fix my shoes up good. More important to note on my journey to the shoe repair shop was the fashion savvy Kobbler named Hunter, who donned a dapper bow-tie and a dreamy smile.

Yummy fall treats...
Prosciutto wrapped watermelon
Lamb and scallop potatos
For me, for my birthday

Stripes and check and details.

Who doesn't like a little RARR.?!

My friend Sonja is always killin it with her style, so during a dinner date I thought I would take some shots of her lookin fab...

Ruby slippers.

Leather lovers...
My brothers shoes above are by Love Jules Leather, a local leather lady who's worthy of some praise. The booties below are a random find I scoped out from the Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Whistler.
Nothing like having something unique to put on your feet.

Local badass barbers representing for the Belmont Barbershop.
Vests are my weakness.

Broken dreams...

Some dresses runnin through my mind lately...

The lovely Kim on her Wedding night looking absolutely gorg!!!

The beautiful singer songwriter Christina Maria sent along this photo of herself in a stunning dress she made all out of feathers. Wowza!

All original photos by Steph Janyk

Monday, October 24, 2011

Your True Colours, That's Why I Love Ya.

At the grand opening of H&M in Metrotown some fashionable ladies and gents were found...

Sequint top, Gravity Pope.
Shoes below, Burberry.

A bit-a-bling and I'm on board... Maybe a little Rocky Horror maybe a little bit punk school girl, Whatever the reference these ladies played to the crowd.

green coat, vintage.

I definitely have a soft spot for the colour green, especially when it pops against this black dress so well. A neatly rolled cuff with an embellished bag complete the look.

A little paisley and the parties started, coats that pop seem to be the theme here and I'm comin along for the ride...

A good pair of pants are hard to find. The cut of the top is so different from a lot of the pants you see around, nice to see somethin fresh.

International man of style.
The white shoes, the scarf, the pocket square... Mens fashion details swirlin round my mind.

Studs and babes.

Bangles, bags and belts amp this cute outfit up, lovin the play with soft and hard.

The women of the hour Lyndi Barrett of Lj PR.
A good friend and fashion friends are the best kind.

All photos by Steph Janyk