Monday, July 25, 2011

last night I thought of you...

we're off to see the wizard...

Thought I'd Start this post off by congratulating the whole Green Couch Crew On winning for best music blog in the Urban Culture Conference! Yipee for us, especially my good friends Michy and JK who make the whole thing possible.

Gruff_Rhys. Someone told me once to try and live without expectations because anything can happen at any moment. A Green Couch Session on the same day as a winning hockey game was one of those moments and it was magical...

for keeps sake.

Doris from the Freelance Whales, at the Green Couch Sessions, in a candy shop, looking cute as ever.

the stuff that's on my walls...

girls in tights.

Seeing red.

girls in short skirts...

la, la, la, lita.

And boys in denim.

out from the dark and into the light.

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows... everywhere.

All Photo's by Steph Janyk

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