Friday, June 17, 2011

Sun Wizard. A Few Good Men sit on a couch...

Frank, James, Malcolm and Ben make up the band Sun Wizard.
Out by a tasty gelato shop, on the east side of town, a Green Couch Session, on some train tracks was goin down...

All I want is Denim!!
Nothin like some sweet tunes and denim dudes.

with posin skills like these I got my work cut out for me.
long hair, double denim and some well selected shoes, these boys are showin up in style like it ain't no thang.

As I listened to a few good men play their instruments in denim on denim out on these empty train tracks I thought fondly of traveling.
Travlin and driven in a dusty truck out on the open road, with good friends and nowhere in-particular to go.

I always love to see the bands get cozy on the couch, like they've played on it tons of times, It's a spot where music, friends and artistic minds alike come together. Sun Wizard made this session one full of laughter and positive vibes, no doubt they had us under their spell...

All Photo's by Steph Janyk

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