Friday, May 20, 2011

back alley tunes, in the afternoon, with the Dudes

An afternoon, in a back alley, with the Dudes...

I have always been interested in mastering the pose, it's something that takes much more skill than one would think and this here is a prime example of a man who knows the art of posing. So much so that I had to put both pictures up.
Skills to pay the bills...

No doubt the rest of the members of the Dudes have some quality posing skills themselves. With an array of denim, leather, plaid and fake racoon hats their indie/soul shows from head to toe.

Besides mad fashion skills the Dudes will make you smile from the inside with their warm sweet sound and thoughtful interesting lyrics, a loveable group of "dudes" who know how to play good tunes, Greencouch brings us good music with some soul once again.

All photo's by Steph Janyk

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  1. I LOVE the DUDES! These guys have wicked style!