Monday, March 22, 2010

Polkadots, robots and random thoughts

An idea?
free ideas for all!
I like the sound when rumaging through a makeup bag, intimate and alluring.

A good night finisher. A rose from a bum and cheap chinese food. don't forget the "cold tea"

3D glasses,. New fashion accessories must have!

A killer outfit. A killer night. A killer in black tights?

I like polkadot tights, inpirsed by Balenciaga, and I like 7inch Versace Heels, actual Versace, and I like drunk eyes...the ones your wearing tonight.

Piece on the wall that the newly renovated Colbalt. According to a friend of mine its a "douchebag hipster bar" now. It still feels dirty to me!

yes that is a suede tassled poncho. My best friend no big deal.

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