Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jean Paul blows my mind.


Jean Paul Gaultier's spring 2010 Couture swelled my heart with joy. such fabrics, such shapes, such vision.
Somewhat inspired by the eco-tribal wave appearing in films like Avatar Jean Paul brought the vision of an Amazon to life for me. After I posted this I read the review on " Jean Paul Gaultier is far, far better than this, and if he'd only release himself from the pressure to "theme" his shows, his genius might shine all the brighter. Flashes of it were there in his tailoring" going on to say... "and this is a time when women are crying out for daywear, sportswear, any kind of wear that is clean, stripped back, and new. It's a shame he's not seizing that agenda." Although this makes a very good point about the desire for good day pieces which is not only a social need but an economy conscious need, we can't deny the beauty of these pieces. Jean Paul Creates true fantasy and brings us to another world. Screw day wear I want fantasy wear!

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